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Russian teacher
All my life I live in Russia and I love my native language very much.
It seems to me that I do not just know it, but rather even "feel".
Linguistics is no doubt my biggest passion.
I am also a certified teacher of the program
"Specifics of teaching Russian as a foreign language".
If you want to communicate in Russian I am here to guide you!
About me
Having kids makes you a teacher automatically.
I am happy being a father of two brilliant girls!
Looks like sometimes I consider my students as children as well =)
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I am a certified teacher of the program
"Specifics of teaching Russian as a foreign language".
Being a part of professional community, I like to permanently grow and update skills used in daily practice.
Following this approach I regularly pass special courses in linguistics, psychology and sociology.
All my life I live in Russia and I love my native language very much. It seems to me that I do not just know it,
but rather even "feel". Linguistics is no doubt my biggest passion. I am also a certified teacher of the program
"Specifics of teaching Russian as a foreign language". If you want to communicate in Russian I am here to guide you!
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I started studying Russian from the basic alphabets with Vladimir. He explained all the things in a really good way, I never get bored with his classes.

मैंने आराम से पढ़ना शुरू कर दिया जो पहले मेरे लिए बहुत मुश्किल था और साथ ही उन्होंने मुझे रूसी व्याकरण को इस तरह से समझाया कि मैं मरते दम तक नहीं भूलूंगा। मुझे उम्मीद है कि जब मैं अगली बार उनसे मिलूंगा तो मैं उनके साथ उनकी मूल भाषा में बात करूंगा
Я очень доволен работой с Владимиром.
Он хороший преподаватель, очень помогает мне в изучении русского языка и отлично объясняет мне грамматические правила.
Мы хорошо разговариваем, с ним я приближаюсь к своим целям в изучении русского языка. Я рекомендую Владимира всем, кто хочет выучить русский язык или повысить свой уровень владения русским языком.
As a former teacher myself, I know how every student has their specific needs. Vladimir has managed to cater for my needs, definitely more than I expected, tempo and motivation! He's a special teacher, and without him I wouldn't be able to get acquainted to my colleagues at work or make friends in Russia. He clearly made my life here easier! 101% recommend him.
As a teacher, Vladimir is very prepared and has an enormous amount of patience; that allows him to easily tailor the classes to one's level and speed. The classes have always been extremely rich in content and really entertaining at the same time. I have learnt a lot not only about Russian language, but also about Russian culture and history.
United Kingdom
Vladimir’s approach and persona cultivate a light hearted but focused atmosphere, a thoroughly enjoyable environment for learning.
My work dictates sporadic lesson appointments.
Despite these challenges, Vladimir shows great patience and I make consistent progress towards my learning goals.
I would recommend Vladimir without hesitation for his professionalism and skill to anyone looking to learn the Russian language!
It's been two years since I started studying Russian. Within a year, I changed five tutors until I began my lessons with Vladimir. He is a good teacher, who enjoys his work and master it. He is able to adapt the lessons in accordance with the student's character. If you are looking for a Russian tutor, I strongly recommend Vladimir.
晗 Han
I was lucky to meet Vladimir, who seemed to have super powers to help me with all my problems in study and life, btw he is really good at math! He is rational and intelligent, but also passionate and loving. He also witnessed my love with Bin. Thank you very much!
If you are looking for someone that is passionate and creative in teaching you a new language, Vladimir is the one!
He will get you back to the root of the word and simplify the logic for you in a very pleasant way.
Vladimir is a joy to learn under. He makes the lessons relevant to life, teaches at your pace and helps you learn not just how to speak the language but to understand it's roots and history.
诗诗 Shishi
Vladimir is a great teacher, in fact the best I have ever had.
He always takes the time to make sure I understand what we are covering and goes the extra mile to explain it to me in a way I can grasp. I feel more like he is my friend teaching me Russian rather than a paid instructor.
In fact he even served as a translator for my wedding.
Highly recommend him.
Beirut, Lebanon
My Russian lessons with Vladimir have been a great experience. His teaching methods are clear and concise. He is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the material.
In addition, his lessons are engaging, useful, and structured. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning the Russian language.
The best teacher I ever had!
Very efficient methods that make you learn the right way and fast!
I highly recommend him!
A structured, solid, smart and flexible approach to learning Russian for everyone.
I highly recommend Vladimir.
Modena, Italy
I really like the fact that teacher really supports you and gives you important advices.
Lessons with Vladimir are really productive and he is able to share with you the concepts of Russian language clearly, in a way that motivates you to do more and more.
Munich, Germany
Learning Russian with Vladimir is a pure joy. He doesn't simply teach the Russian language, but makes you fall in love with it. Every lesson is well structured, tailored to the students way of learning and designed in an engaging fashion.
I am truly glad to have Vladimir as my teacher and can only highly recommend his lessons!
Hong Kong
Vladimir is the best teacher I have ever had, not just as a Russian teacher but in general.
He is the most patient teacher, not even once he demonstrates a lack of patience, and each time he repeats the explanations, he always includes relevant grammars as well.
Cape Town, South Africa
Vladimir has been an excellent teacher and has helped me to grasp the concepts of the Russian language well. His techniques are custom made to suit a student needs. From a person who knows 0% Russian, I have been studying over the past year and can vehemently say that when I travel to Russia, I will not require a translator and manage on my own.
Milan, Italy
The teacher is super. Responsible, punctual; the lessons are very interesting and the teacher pushes you to analyze the material not only during the lesson, but also after it!
Martin and Sebastian
brothers from Munich, Germany
I am very pleased I have found Vladimir as a teacher for my boys. It is the first time after many tries with other teachers that my children feel motivated, always looking forward to the new lesson. Vladimir makes the lessons individual and is very good at picking which problems need more attention. He is very patient and has a very positive outlook.

Reading, United Kingdom
Vladimir is a very friendly and patient teacher. After several months of classes progress is evident, I have already started talking with my wife`s family in Russian. He has also helped me to prepare a speech for my wedding!
London, United Kingdom
Vladimir is very motivated and enthusiatic about teaching Russian as a foreign language. He is supportive and can explain everything clearly in English. He knows how to work effectively remotely and keep lessons feeling interactive, engaging and enjoyable despite being behind a screen. I would recommend Vladimir to anyone looking to improve their Russian.
Your normal week if you study Russian
Day 1
Day 1
You live your regular life
Day 2
Day 2
Session #1 with Vladimir
verbal communication in Russian based on topics learned
new grammar portion
reading and writing exercises
discussing the materials
planning the hometask
Day 3
Day 3
You start thinking "Russian style"
Day 4
Day 4
You use special mobile app with flashcards
to memorize new words
Day 5
Day 5
You do hometask, writing and voice messaging
Day 6
Day 6
Session #2 with Vladimir
check the hometask
review materials from several previous lessons
new life situations to discuss verbally
new text to read in Russian
Day 7
Day 7
Weekend, relaxation
Whatever you do, do it well!
Learning is always a challenge,
but also Fun&Joy when you do it with a good teacher
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